Fernando Madero

fernando madero 156pxVice President of Mexico Operations, Ports-to-Plains Alliance

Citlatepetl No. 500 Col. Torreón Jardín
Torreón Coah. Mex 27250
Tel: 871 4555922
Tel: 871 2951246
Cell: 871 1201030

Fernando Madero is working to develop a PTP membership network at Mexico as a consultant V.P. of operations. He is 100% Bilingual English-Spanish. Fernando was educated at Fort Hays Kansas Thomas More Prep High School.

Graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology at Monterrey Campus (ITESM) with a BD of Industrial and Systems Engineering 1981 and an MBA from the same University (ITESM) in 1999.
Currently Researcher for a PHD In Management at Coahuila State University to conclude by December 2013.  Thesis title “An Industrial Cluster Approach to Economic Development”. Fernando´s areas of expertise include:

  • Global marketing and promotion, new investments, negotiations, market planning and strategic management of high profile development projects.
  • Economic Development and Strategic city and region planning.
  • Development of global business, co investments, strategic alliances, and global market seeking.
  • Infrastructure development for high profile investment projects, real state, industrial, commercial and urban.
  • Planning and design of managements and controls systems for quality and continuous improvement.

Author of the Book “Cluster Initiatives” An Option for Regional Economic Development.  Presented at the International Research and Innovation Congress of the Guanajuato University México.  April 27, 2012.

Fernando is father of two daughters (26, and 28) and a 23 year old son, he has three grandchildren. His family comes from a traditional family settled back in 1700´s in northern Mexico and moved to Parras de La Fuente in the mid 1800´s. Francisco his grandfather’s nephew  was president of Mexico in 1910.

Fernando has been president of the Industry Chamber (2003-04) and member of the National Board of directors since 1998. Outdoors enthusiast, he raises pecans and quarter mile horses along with a 28 acre vine yard, a wine family tradition.