Cheri Huddleston

Cheri Huddleston 156pxCheri Huddleston, State Consultant, Ports-to-Plains Alliance
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Cheri Huddleston is a legislative and public affairs specialist who joined Hance Scarborough, LLP in December of 2006. She has experience in public policy, government relations, and public relations. Ms. Huddleston served for almost 12 years as a senior staff member for a Texas State Senator. Through her tenure, she gained knowledge of the Senate and House Rules, the legislative process, researching topics, has developed continuing relationships with staff and office holders, helping draft legislation, and analyzing bills. Ms. Huddleston has extensive experience representing clients regarding issues as diverse as pharmacy, insurance, workers' compensation, public financing, economic development, and transportation. Ms. Huddleston meets frequently with policy makers and top administrators of state regulatory agencies. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and is the daughter of two practicing pharmacists.