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Your Membership Benefits

Your company is one of an estimated 1.2 million in the United States that directly relies on good roads to conduct good business. Well-maintained highways are critical to the successful and timely transport of product and to the safety of employees.

Antiquated two-lane highways were not designed to carry the number of heavy trucks currently utilizing the corridors. If we are to continue to succeed in a competitive global economy, we must have a world-class transportation system.

The primary mission of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance is to advocate for expansion of existing two-lane highways through the Ports-to-Plains region to four-lane divided or better, promoting trade and transportation on a national and international level.

Over the past two decades, Alliance members have raised nearly two billion dollars in federal and state funding for road improvements in the Ports-to-Plains region, while helping member businesses that utilize the Corridor grow and thrive.

As a member of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance, you will benefit from:
  • Legislative strength on the federal and state level in the form of face-to-face meetings, letters of support for your projects and collaboration with legislators on transportation funding matters
  • Better roads to successfully transport product in a timely manner and keep employees safe
  • Shared knowledge, experience and education
  • Collaborative economic development outreach
  • Regional, national and international exposure
  • Leveraged marketing resources
Together, we can set the United States on a path to building a truly strong and sustainable transportation system, one that makes visible and steady progress to improving our mobility and quality of life.

The absence of a strong Ports-to-Plains Alliance will result in a number of negative business effects, including:

  • Increased travel time due to poor roadway conditions and unusable bridges
  • Increased repair and maintenance costs due to deteriorating roadway conditions
  • Higher costs for shipping, receiving and product
  • Higher costs for services due to increased travel time for service
  • Reduced business demand, which leads to business income reductions and layoffs
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