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The Ports-to-Plains Alliance is empowering communities and businesses by paving the way for change in three critical areas; safety, economic development and transportation funding. With the unwavering grassroots support throughout the Corridor, we are able to improve transportation infrastructure and business networking opportunities so business and industry can thrive.

You can join our effort and become a Ports-to-Plains Alliance Corridor member. Together, we can drive change on a national and international scale.

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Why Join the Alliance


Currently, more than 42,000 Americans are killed every year on our nation’s highways and another 3 million are injured. Nearly 60 percent of those fatalities occur on two-lane rural roads. The number of trucks moving along the Corridor is expected to dramatically increase over the next three decades. Accidents will be significantly reduced on current two-lane segments of the Corridor when they are upgraded to four-lane divided highways.

Economic Development

An estimated $96 billion is being exported between Corridor states, but with a robust transportation system the Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) projects that number could go up to $195 billion by 2040. Additionally, Corridor communities are able to attract new primary industries by providing a highway system that allows for the successful and timely transport of those products to other markets. The Ports-to-Plains Alliance works to keep that money in the pocket of residents by ensuring adequate transportation funding. On an international scale, the Corridor helps fuel $280 billion in
trade with Canada and Mexico, which is more than 25% of all U.S. trade with those countries.

Transportation Funding

Funding for transportation relies on the federal government and state departments of transportation. The Ports-to-Plains Alliance staff and lobby team work at the federal level and with support of local communities at the state level with nine state departments of transportation. Members successfully guide policy by maintaining strong working relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle. Regular visits to Washington D.C. for face-to-face or virtual meetings help ensure proper funding for the Ports-to-Plains Alliance Corridor, as do letters of support endorsing
member projects.

Membership Benefits

As a member of The Ports-to-Plains Alliance, we can set the United States on a path to building a truly strong and sustainable transportation system together, one that makes visible and steady progress to improving our mobility and quality of life.

As a member of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance, you will benefit from:
• Better roads and safe passage for tourists, shoppers, citizens and employees
• Legislative strength on the federal and state level in the form of face-to-face meetings, letters of support for your
projects and collaboration with legislators on transportation funding matters
• Shared knowledge, experience and education
• Regional, national and international exposure
• Leveraged marketing resources

The Ports-to-Plains Corridor ushers hundreds of thousands of travelers into Corridor communities. These visitors impact the economy as they spend money at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, outlet malls, office parks, theme parks, convention centers and sporting venues. The Alliance is committed to improving transportation infrastructure and, in turn, improving the economic and business interests that are the lifeblood of the Ports-to-Plains region.

The Ports-to-Plains Corridor directly impacts the bottom line of companies within the road and highway construction business such as paving contractors, grading companies, asphalt and concrete suppliers, road striping companies, barrier suppliers and many more. The Alliance is committed to advocating for local communities across the nine-state Ports-to-Plains Corridor
on the state and federal levels and is committed to improving transportation infrastructure to improve the economic and business interests that are the lifeblood of the Ports-to-Plains region.

The Ports-to-Plains Alliance advocates for expansion of existing two-lane highways through the Ports-to-Plains region to four-lane divided or better, promoting trade and transportation on a national and international level. Well-maintained highways are critical to the successful and timely transport of product and to the safety of employees. Antiquated two-lane highways were not designed to carry the number of heavy trucks currently utilizing the corridors. To continue to succeed in a competitive global economy, we must have a world-class transportation system.

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