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December 2021  Volume 19  Issue 12


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Ports-to-Plains Alliance Federal Update

Since Congress has not yet reached an agreement on the FY22 appropriations bill, a continuing resolution (CR) was passed that maintains FY21 funding levels until Feb 18, 2022. The Ports-to-Plains interstate designation for Texas and New Mexico is in the Senate version of the U.S. DOT funding bill but not the House. We have strong support in the House to include the Senate language in the final omnibus package in February.


If an omnibus appropriations bill does come together and pass in February, we are confident that the designation will be included.  If this does not work out, then we will need to get our stand alone bill moving and/or look for a another vehicle next year.


Congressmen Cuellar and Arrington have drafted a Ports-to-Plains Corridor letter (see below) to the House appropriators and leadership asking that they support inclusion of the Senate designation language. This letter was sent on Friday, December 10.  

Federal update provided by David Pore, Partner at Hance Scarborough & Associates

Letter from Congressmen Cuellar and Arrington to House Appropriators and Leadership


White House Releases Fact Sheets on Infrastructure Investment Impact Nationwide

The White House released updated state and territory fact sheets that highlight the nationwide impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century.


The fact sheets highlight how the historic legislation will deliver for states and territories across the country to repair roads and bridges, improve transportation options, build a network of EV chargers to accelerate the adoption of EVs, help connect every American to reliable high-speed internet, eliminate the nation’s lead service lines and pipes for clean drinking water, protect against extreme weather events and cyberattacks and improve our nation’s airports.


In the coming days and weeks, we expect to receive additional data on the impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act state by state.


Individual fact sheets for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five territories are linked below.


FreightWaves Classics/Infrastructure: Will I-27 become part of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor?


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