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Our Story

In the mid 1990’s, elected officials and civic leaders in Lubbock, Texas wanted to improve U.S. 87/287 to the north and south of U.S. Interstate 27 between Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas. The goal: to capture the economic benefits of trade along north and south corridors to support increasing trade opportunities. Today, there are three federally designated High Priority Corridors on the National Highway System of the Ports-to-Plains Alliance. Collectively, the U.S. corridors traverse through more than 2,300 miles. 

Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor

• Begins in Laredo, Texas and extends through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado, where it meets up with the Heartland Expressway. 
• The Heartland Expressway runs through the northern portion of Colorado, Nebraska and into Wyoming.
• The Theodore Roosevelt Expressway runs from Rapid City, South Dakota to North Dakota and Montana.

Beyond the U.S., the Alliance extends into the energy and agriculture rich areas of Canada, connecting to the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor. In Mexico, development is underway connecting the Texas / Mexico border to the Port of Mazatlán on the west coast of Mexico.

By the Numbers: The Ports-to-Plains Alliance Corridor Serves 

• 5 of the top 15 wind generation states (2019)
• 27% of the nation’s ethanol refineries (2018)
• 6 of the top 10 natural gas producing states (2019)
• 7 of the top 15 oil producing states (2019)
• 7 of the top 10 farm states for land in farms (2019).
• 3 of the top 10 farm states in state receipts for all farm commodities (2019)

Our Mission

To advocate for a robust international transportation infrastructure to promote economic security and prosperity throughout North America’s energy and agricultural heartland including Mexico to Canada.

Our Vision & Values

• We are a voice for our small town, grassroots members who may otherwise not have access to the right audiences.
• We are a conduit for industry to come together in support and promotion of transportation improvements.
• We are committed to working as an alliance to improve transportation infrastructure and business networks opportunities, by advocating for appropriate funding levels, so business and industry can thrive.
• We are focused on the economic and business interests that are the lifeblood of the region.

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